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utomation co., LTD is located in wuhan east lake high-tech national independent innovation demonstration zone, is the national torch program software industry base enterprises. The company specializes in electric power testing (measurement) equipment, instrumentation, power automation system research and development, production and sales of new high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in rail transit, electric power, water conservancy, petroleum, mining, chemical, metallurgy and other industries. At present, the company mainly produces HSXM series automatic motor comprehensive test system, HSXNY series automatic (intelligent) power frequency voltage test device, HSXTX series automatic (intelligent) insulation tool test device, HSXSLQ series automatic (intelligent) large current generator, HSXPS series pulse test power supply, HSX series high voltage constant current charging device HSXKGG series high and low voltage switchgear comprehensive test rig, HSXGK series high voltage swi...


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